Zoltan Szuts

Email: zszuts@apl.washington.edu

Phone: 206-685-8326

Web Site: http://faculty.washington.edu/zszuts/index.html

Department: Applied Physics Lab

Position: Senior Oceanographer

Research Interests:

The scientific interests of Dr Szuts focus on the role than small-scale waves and mixing in the ocean contribute to large-scale circulation. Such fluctuations act to transport energy, heat and salt that maintain or adjust ocean circulation, and thus contribute to global climate.

He approaches these questions by collecting and analyzing observations, using both standard instruments and velocity-sensing electromagnetic sensors. Current projects include: (1) quantifying energy pathways in the subtropical North Atlantic of the full spectrum of internal waves, from fast and small-scale waves (inertial and tidal) to slow and large-scale waves (boundary and planetary waves); (2) how circulation through the Straits of Florida and the Caribbean contributes to the oceanic advection of salt/freshwater and heat; (3) and using electromagnetic observations to measure ocean velocity and volume transport for studying processes not tractable with standard approaches.