Martin Vancoppenolle



Web Site:

Department: Atmospheric Sciences

Position: FNRS Research fellow, Centre Georges Lemaitre

Research Interests:

I'm a sea ice and climate modeller from Belgium.

The question that makes me wake up in the morning is to understand how life and climate interact in the Polar Oceans. More precisely, I wonder how life develops in sea ice and how sea ice physically and biologically affects the Earth's climate, the polar marine ecosystems and the carbon cycle. My particular interests involve sea ice microstructure, thermodynamics and biogeochemistry as well as the associated modelling tools. I'm also very curious about large-scale distribution of sea ice properties.

My current interest is to develop 1D and 3D sea-ice/ocean models for climate studies that include biogeochemical tracers in both the sea ice and the ocean.

Current position: FNRS Postdoctoral Researcer at the Centre Georges Lemaitre, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.