James Girton

Email: girton@apl.washington.edu

Phone: 206-543-8467

Web Site: http://www.apl.washington.edu/people/profile.php?last=Girton&first=James

Department: Applied Physics Lab

Position: Oceanographer IV; Affiliate Assistant Professor of Oceanography

Research Interests: Ocean processes involving small-scale turbulence and mixing and their influence on larger-scale flows. Dr. Girton's research has frequently drawn upon the widely under-utilized electromagnetic velocity profiling technique developed by Tom Sanford (his Ph.D. advisor and frequent collaborator). Instruments utilizing this technique include the expendable XCP, the full-depth free-falling AVP, and the autonomous long-duration EM-APEX. Each of these instruments has a unique role to play in the study of phenomena ranging from deep boundary currents and overflows to upper ocean mixing and internal waves. In addition to being less well-understood elements of ocean physics, many of these phenomena are potentially important for the behavior of the large-scale ocean circulation, particularly the meridional overturning that transports heat to subpolar and polar regions and sequesters atmospheric gases in the deep ocean. Prediction of future climate change by coupled ocean-atmosphere models requires reliable predictions of ocean circulation, so physically-based improvements to parameterizations of mixing, boundary stresses and internal waves in such models are an ongoing goal.