UWHS ATMS 211 : Lab on the Biological Pump

created by Katherine Heal, Oceanography (2013)


This module is an introduction to the marine biological pump. The module will use representative organisms to demonstrate the interconnectivity between the biosphere and the global carbon cycle.

Download Biological Pump Lesson Plan
Presentations for Teachers:

  • Part I
  • Part II (Facebook Page Template)
  • Part III
  • Focus Questions

    1. How are photosynthesis and respiration related to the global carbon cycle?
    2. How does the biological pump work to maintain the oceanic carbon reservoir?
    3. What controls the biological pump?

    Learning Goals

    1. To relate the oceanís primary producers to terrestrial plants as and acting as consumers of CO2
    2. To be introduced to a variety of globally important marine organisms
    3. To understand how the biology of the ocean is important in the global carbon cycle
    4. To understand why phytoplankton growth is limited in some areas of the ocean
    5. To appreciate the ecological balance of a few different organisms contributing to the upkeep of the biological pump