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Communicating Climate Science

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The Seattle campus of the University of Washington covers 643 acres, hosts over 27,000 faculty and staff, and enrolls more than 43,000 students. A fourth of these students are graduate or professional students. Uniting the many individuals and groups with interests in climate science on campus, as well as those from affiliated groups such as NOAA, is one of the challenges of the UW Program on Climate Change.

There are several mechanisms that the PCC employs to communicate with you.

  • Our newsletter provides you with general information and links to upcoming climate-activities, introduces climate-related initiatives and new faces on campus.
  • Our calendars provide a quick look at upcoming and past climate and outreach activites. The "climate calendar" lists PCC and other campus events with a climate focus, if your group has an event that should be listed, send the information to; the "outreach calendar" lists speaker or participant requests and who has filled the request.
  • New, with the launch of this website is the ability to include all of you in the communication process. As a member of the PCC community, you are invited to participate in what the director has called a "social experiment"; you can add climate events to the calendar, describe your research interests, upload your latest research findings, and more.
  • There are several internal discussion/communication sites available. The PCC Board and Outreach groups have passworded sections with information specific to their needs.

Several e-mail listserves are available:

...for graduate students, please subscribe to:

...for faculty members, please subscribe to:

...for postdocs, please subscribe to:

...for those outside the UW, or are a STAFF member, or identify with anything besides grad student, faculty, or postdoc, please subscribe to:

...for undergraduates interested in climate related activities and seminars on campus, including the climate minor, please subscribe to: be notified of PCC outreach requests and activities, please e-mail Miriam at

Contact the PCC office ( for more information on how to input information to the website, how to access passworded sections or if you have difficulty subscribing to one of the listserves.
*Please note that some of the mailman lists have been changed and/or removed

Communicating Climate Science

Graduate students completing the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science have the unique opportunity to engage in communicating climate science for their capstone project. To find out more about the graduate certificate, visit its information page.

The College of the Environment at UW is committed to promoting and facilitating science communication, outreach, and engagement. For more background and information go to:

Sample Resources

Earth Gauge, an ..."initiative by the National Environmental Education Foundation and the American Meteorological Society (AMS) to facilitate the evolution of broadcast meteorologists - highly trusted public figures - into "station scientists" who can expertly cover and relate basic environmental information to their viewers." Their website includes Climate Fact Sheets and Question and Answers to commonly asked climate questions.

Communicating on Climate Change: An Essential Resource for Journalists, Scientists, and Educators by Bud Ward, an environmental journalist and 2009 Climate Change Communicator of the Year.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science currently maintains an online resource site page dedicated to this important issue. Check it out!

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