PCC Board

  • LuAnne Thompson
  • Oceanography
  • 206 543 9965
  • Numerical modeling of large scale ocean circulation with applications to the role of the ocean in decadal climate variability and change. The influence of Ocean circulation on biogeochemical variability in the ocean, the representation of western boundary currents in ocean climate models, the coupling of ocean circulation and sea-ice on small scales, and the influence of western boundary currents on the atmosphere.
  • Director

  • Christopher Bretherton
  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • (206) 685-7414
  • Atmospheric turbulence, clouds and climate modeling.
    PCC Director, 2006 to 2011
  • Gerard Roe
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • (206) 543-4980
  • Meteorology and Climate Dynamics, Surface Processes, Glaciology, Paleoclimate, Mountain-belt dynamics.
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