Scientific American October 2008 "Geoengineering: How to Cool Earth--At a Price"

"Global warming has become such an overriding emergency that some climate experts are willing to consider schemes for partly shielding the planet from the sun's rays. But no such scheme is a magic bullet."
By Robert Kunzig
Scientific American October 2008.

David Keith (University of Calgary in Alberta and participant in the 2006 PCC Summer Institute on "Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions: Projections, Mitigating Technologies and Policies"), Ken Caldeira (Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California and participant in the 2007 PCC Summer Institute on "Couplings Between Changes in the Climate System and Biogeochemistry" and David Battisti (UW Atmospheric Sciences) are quoted, among others.

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See also an article in Science (16 November 2007): "Should We Study Geoengineering?" A Science Magazine Panel Discussion,

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