Ocean Climate Scientist Greg Johnson brings the IPCC messages to everyone--through Haiku.

Greg has been sharing his 19 illustrated Haiku of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report, with many here at UW. Well, it has gone beyond facebook, into the media. You'll find the entire IPCC Haiku booklet, which you can recreate on your home computer (perhaps a craft project for your winter break), in Anna Fahey's Sightline article:


also by Anna Fahey is an article in Yes! magazine:


A Haiku of thanks was posted by Chris Mooney in his Mother Jones article:

"Thank you, scientist:
Not for your facts or data
But for what they mean."


and both Salon magazine and the Huffington Post articles inspired others to submit their own Haiku.



And more--Yahoo news, Take Part, and MIT's Tracker that follows Science Communication. And by the time you read this, there's probably more.




Perhaps you've been inspired to write your own climate haiku.

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