UW Climate Change and Ice Research Expressed Through Art

Mt. Waddington Reliquary: a sculpture and sound installation

Anna McKee with sound artist, Steve Peters

Francine Seders Gallery

Oct 11 - Nov 2, 2013

In 2010, I (Anna McKee) joined scientists on the flanks of Mt. Waddington in British Columbia. They were drilling an ice core to learn more about climate in the North Pacific. The Mt. Waddington Reliquary acts as a permanent record of this research project. It symbolically enshrines samples taken from the depths of an ice sheet, drawing connections between the secular and sacred in the land.

142 floating silk cylinder “ice cores” delineate a space for contemplating the transient qualities of climate and place. In the center sits the reliquary, a silver leafed box housing 142 handmade glass ampules containing precious water from each meter of the ice core. A sound composition from field recordings of a melting glacier plays on multiple speakers. Each drip has its own sonic character and rhythm: the sound of time passing.



Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat 11am-5pm
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