Huckabay Teaching Fellowship opportunity

Applications for the Huckabay Teaching Fellowship will be due Feb. 29, 2012 at noon. Fellows will receive a monthly stipend equivalent to the PDTA 2 level (currently $1761/month), a waiver of state tuition (students in fee-based programs are not eligible), and Graduate Appointee Insurance (GAIP).

These one-quarter awards are intended to give graduate students an opportunity to work on a specific project focused on teaching and learning at the college and university level. Projects are to be proposed by students, who will find faculty Teaching Mentors, either from UW or from a nearby community college, college, or university to collaborate with them in their projects. During the project, these collaborations between the Fellow and the Mentor should allow the student to benefit from the faculty memberís expertise in teaching, while maintaining a focus centered on the studentís teaching interests. These fellowships cannot be used to teach a course.

For more information on the Huckabay Fellowship and for application instructions, please visit the following link: Full Story