UW Climate Community's Role in the Nobel-Winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Since its establishment in 1988, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has entrained thousands of climate scientists from more than 130 countries to produce comprehensive reports that address the many faces of climate change. Scientists at the UW and affiliates at NOAA, listed below, have contributed as authors and reviewers in the process that was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with former Vice President Al Gore for his work on climate change. We want to acknowledge all that contributed to this process, so please let us know if your or a colleagues should be listed (uwpcc@u.washington.edu).

Becky Alexander, Atmospheric Sciences
Theodore Anderson, Atmospheric Sciences
Marcia Baker, Earth and Space Sciences
Timothy Bates, Affiliate in Atmospheric Sciences (NOAA/PMEL)
Cecilia Bitz, Atmospheric Sciences
Christopher Bretherton, Atmospheric Sciences
Robert Charlson, Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry
Steven Emerson, Oceanography
Richard Feely, Affiliate in Oceanography (NOAA/PMEL)
Robert Fleagle, Atmospheric Sciences
Melanie Fitzpatrick, Earth and Space Sciences (Graduate student-graduated)
Qiang Fu, Atmospheric Sciences
Peter Guttorp, Statistics
Alan Hamlet, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ed Harrison, Affiliate in Oceanography (NOAA/PMEL)
Dennis Hartmann, Atmospheric Sciences
Dean Hegg, Atmospheric Sciences
James Holton, Atmospheric Sciences
Jim Hughes, Biostatistics
Lyatt Jaegle, Atmospheric Sciences
Gregory C. Johnson, Affiliate in Oceanography (NOAA/PMEL)
Ian Joughin, Applied Physics Lab/Polar Sciences Center
Michelle Koutnik, Earth and Space Sciences
Marta Krynytzky, Oceanography (undergraduate-graduated)
Conway Leovy, Atmospheric Sciences
Brian Magi, Atmospheric Sciences (Graduate student-graduated)
Kenichi Matsuoka, Earth and Space Sciences
Mike McPhaden, Affiliate in Oceanography (NOAA/PMEL)
Edward L. Miles, Marine Affairs/Climate Impacts Group (JISAO)
Todd Mitchell, JISAO
Jamie Morison, Applied Physics Lab/Polar Sciences Center
Philip Mote, Atmospheric Sciences/Climate Impacts Group (JISAO)
David Peterson, College of Forest Resources
Charles Raymond,Earth and Space Sciences
Peter Rhines, Oceanography
Ignatius Rigor, Applied Physics Lab/Polar Sciences Center
David Rothrock, Applied Physics Lab/Polar Sciences Center
Christopher Sabine, Affiliate in Oceanography (NOAA/PMEL)
Eric Salathe, Affiliate in Atmospheric Sciences (JISAO)
Ed Sarachik, Atmospheric Sciences
Eric Steig, Earth and Space Sciences
LuAnne Thompson, Oceanography
Mike Wallace, Atmospheric Sciences
Stephen Warren, Earth and Space Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences
Justin Wettstein, Atmospheric Sciences and Public Affairs (graduate student)
A.P.S. Wong, Oceanography
FORMER UW STUDENTS: M. Baldwin, C. Deser, H. Hendon, S. Klein, N. Lau, J. Norris, D. Pierce, G. Raga, K. Rosenlof, T. Bond, S. Gasso, D. Thompson Full Story