Congratulations to recipients of AGU's Outstanding Student Paper Awards (2012 Fall Meeting)

Along with 20,000 other scientists at the Fall 2012 AGU meeting, almost 300 presentations were either presented or co-authored by University of Washington faculty, staff and students. Of those, over 200 were related to observing, understanding, and predicting, the earthʼs climate system, with over 100 presented by University of Washington scientists. Presentations covered diverse topics from understanding the effects of climate change on local water availability both here and in Africa, comparison of satellite observations of atmosphere temperature to models, observations of warming of the deep ocean over the last 30 years, observed changes in the speed of the glaciers that reach the ocean in Greenland. Also discussed were new methods for inferring past temperatures from ice-cores from Greenland and Antarctic ice-sheets, and from organic molecules in lake sediments in the tropics. Observations of and improving the representation of clouds in models was the subject of numerous talks, as was the changing climate in the Arctic. (read more in the article by LuAnne Thompson in the winter newsletter).

Among all those participants, four UW graduate students working on climate related problems were awarded the OSPA.

Two graduate students in Atmospheric Sciences:
Jack Scheff who spoke on "Robust future precipitation declines in CMIP5 largely reflect the poleward expansion of model subtropical dry zones."
Kelly McCusker "Climate response to abrupt cessation of solar radiation management."

and two Glaciologists in Earth and Space Sciences(UW):
Brooke Medley on "New, high-​resolution spatio-​temporal accumulation rate measurements and their validation of climate models and implication for the recent sea-​level contribution from West Antarctica."
David Shean, "Quantifying ice-sheet/ice-shelf dynamics and variability with meter-​scale DEM and velocity timeseries."

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