Climate Change News (CCN)- Winter 2016

Climate Change News (CCN) has been the archive of past events and way to share upcoming program activities, to help create an integrated, interdisciplinary community of students, faculty and researchers working on issues related to climate. We've been busy developing a new website and discussing growing the PCC graduate program, but are catching up with this newsletter highlighting the main PCC activities for 2015/2016.

Welcome New PCC Fellows

There are three recipients of the 2015/2016 PCC fellowship, a 9-month research assistantship. They are Hillary Scannell, a first year student in Oceanography who is working with Mike McPhaden (PMEL), Michael Diamond, a first year student in Atmospheric Sciences currently advised by Rob Wood, as well as the at-large fellowship recipient Rebeca Cecilia De Buen Kalman a first year graduate student in Evans School, advised by Alison Cullen. We look forward to introducing all three at the winter welcome on February 10. Welcome!

Look for the availability of one or more 9-month graduate fellowships for students in their first two years of graduate school, who are committed to the goals of the PCC (e.g interested in pursuing the certificate). Applications will be solicited directly from students in late spring.

Join your friends and colleagues on Wednesday Feb. 10 at 5:15 PM in the Fishery Sciences Building. Socialize, meet the new fellows, postdocs and faculty and learn about their climate interests. This year we are teaming up with the Future of Ice, co-sponsors of this event! So look for faculty, postdocs and more who study the polar regions, past present and future, and others from across campus. New postdocs will share their research interests in the speed talk, 1-slide format.
Winter Welcome 2016 RSVP HERE by February 1!

Changes to the PCC Advisory Board

Many thanks to Stephen Po-Chedley who served as the graduate student representative to the PCC advisory board in 2014/2015 as the PCC took initial steps in defining a new academic program (climate analytics) and a new website. Over the summer the PCC graduate students selected Greg Quetin of Atmospheric Sciences to be their voice on the board.

Together with LuAnne Thompson, Director, Chris Bretherton (ATM S), Curtis Deutsch (OCN) and Gerard Roe (ESS) make up the Executive Board.

We welcome Eric Steig (ESS) and Dargan Frierson (ATMS) back to the board after their sabbaticals and NEW to the PCC board is Kristie Ebi of Global Health.

For a full list of PCC Board membership, past and present, visit the PCC Board Tab in the participants section of the website.

2015 PCC Summer Institute/Friday Harbor Symposium

--UW participants and guest speakers focus on terrestrial ecosystems, land surface processes, and climate for 3 days at Friday Harbor Labs

Abigail Swann, organizer of the 2016 Summer Institute, with panelists Gordan Bonan, Tracy Twine, Scott Saleska and Rebecca Neumann (left to right)

65 attendees from a wide range of disciplines representing 11 different units on campus covering physical, biological and social science disciplines converged on Friday Harbor for three days of scientific talks and discussion. The focus this year was on how we understand, measure, and model interactions between terrestrial ecosystems, land surface processes, and climate. The Summer Institute was focused around three sets of questions and featured a diverse array of speakers from the UW community as well as 5 distinguished speakers from across the country with expertise covering a wide array of topics. more...

PCC Core Climate Courses and Seminars in 2016/2017

The Graduate Student Seminar

This seminar series is organized by graduate students for graduate students each quarter. The series provides an extremely laid back environment where grad students give 25-35 min presentations on their research followed by 20 minutes of questions/discussion on the topic. It's a great opportunity to see what is going on in climate research with your fellow students down the hall or across campus. Plus, it you are interested in presenting, it's a great chance to show off some of your own research and receive feedback on your work. Presentations should be geared toward a general scientific audience (of graduate students) with ample background information so everyone can follow. Refreshments.

Winter 2016 schedule:
Alternate Tuesdays at 5 PM in ATG 610.

Current speakers:
January 26th Hilary Palevsky, Ocean
February 9th Rick Russotto, Atmos
February 23rd Marlies Kovenock, Biology
March 8th TBD

Visit the seminar page for titles and speakers as they become known.

The Graduate Climate Conference will be held at Pack Forest, October 28-30, 2016. Co-chaired by UW graduate students, Mayrsa Lague and Hillary Scannell, with many subcommittees led by other UW graduate students. Watch their website, and follow on twitter... @gradclimateconf

Core PCC Courses Being Taught in 2016/2017

Spring 2016
Each quarter we compile climate related courses from across campus, courses that we think climate undergrads and grads might be interested in. If you teach such a class or seminar, let us know and we'd be happy to list it. Click here for Spring 2016 courses.

Fall 2016
PCC 586/475 Current Research in Climate (Instructor: Armour)
ATMS 487/587 Fundamentals of Climate Change (Instructor: Armour)

Winter 2017
ATMS/ESS/OCN 588 Global Carbon and Climate (Instructor: Swann)
ATMS/ESS/OCN 593 Perspectives in Communicating Climate (Instructor: Bertram)
Likely: Geoengineering Ethics and Science (Instructors: Ackerman and Gardiner)

Spring 2017
ATM S/ESS 559 and OCEAN 558 Climate Modeling (Instructor: Bitz)


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