2006 Summer Institute: Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions: Projections, Mitigating Technologies and Policies

Start Date/Time: Wednesday, September 20, 2006, 3:00 PM
Ending Date/Time: Saturday, September 23, 2006, 12:00 PM
Location: Sleeping Lady, Leavenworth WA

List of Participants (pdf)


(more detail and links to presentations are available at: ftp://eos.atmos.washington.edu/pub/breth/PCC/SI2006/SI2006_agenda.htm)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
1900-1950 Talk/Discussion: Plans and strategy for the next five years of the PCC, led by Chris Bretherton. Included 10 mins on the Graduate Student Climate Conference by Shelley Kunasek.

Thursday, September 21
Morning Session: Emissions scenarios and projections

0830-0915 A critical discussion of the IPCC SRES scenarios, led by Chris Bretherton. Facilitator: Terry Kubar (Atm S), Reporter: Lora Koenig (ESS).

0915-1000 Michael Lazarus (Stockholm Environmental Institute): The Clean Development Mechanism in the Kyoto Protocol (30 min talk + 15 min discussion).

1030-1100 Chris Bretherton: Model and scenario weighting for probabilistic risk analysis.

1100-1200 Talk/discussion led by Steve Warren: Global population growth and its role in greenhouse emissions.

1900-2130 Sequestration and geoengineering. Talk/discussion led by David Keith (U. Calgary). Facilitator: Matt Kuharic (ESS), Reporter: Justin Minder (Atm Sci).

Friday, September 22
0830-1200 Morning Session: Renewable Energy. Opportunities and Challenges, Talk/discussion led by Phil Malte (UW). Facilitator: Elly Walsh (Ocean), Reporter: David Munro (Ocean).

1900-2130 Policy levers and regional initiatives session I (led by Alison Cullen/Amy Snover). Facilitator: Clark Kirkman (Atm Sci), Reporter: Mark Zelinka (Atm Sci).

Speaker: Chad Kruger (Climate-Friendly Farming, WSU-Wenatchee): Biofuels and Carbon

Saturday, September 23
Policy levers and regional initiatives session II (led by Alison Cullen/Amy Snover). Facilitator: Natalia Stefanova (Ocean), Reporter: Amy Wheeless (ESPA).

0830-1000 Roel Hammerslag: Insights from Seattle and UW greenhouse gas emissions inventories.

1030-1130 Wrapup discussion: What is the appropriate role of UW and PCC in evaluating local and national climate policy initiatives? Is there something that we should be doing but are not? Do we have adequate institutional visibility as a community resource?