[NW Science Writers] Boersma: "Penguin condos, bald penguins and climate change at the bottom of the world"

Start Date/Time: Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 6:30 PM
Location: Kincaid Hall PAB 023D

Join NSWA and UW penguin biologist Dee Boersma for an informal chat about the challenges facing the flightless birds in today's changing environment. Boersma has studied Magellanic penguins in Argentina for 30 years, and is a passionate advocate for conservation. She will talk about the way climate change is robbing some penguins of food, and how others are suffering from a bizarre disorder that causes them to lose their feathers. She's got strong opinions on the debate over penguin banding. And yes, she's now a condo builder - all in the name of helping penguins survive on the Gallapagos Islands.

For those who want to keep chatting, a social hour at the College Inn tavern will follow. RSVP to NSWA Vice President Sandi Doughton: sdoughton@seattletimes.com

WHEN: Wednesday, May 25, beginning at 6:30 p.m. SHARP. (Doors to the building are locked by 7, so don't be late.)
WHERE: Room PAB 023D on the UW Campus. It's hard to find, so follow the directions closely: Enter Kincaid Hall and take the elevator to the basement. Exit the elevator, turn right, then right again before hitting the wall Follow a long, long hallway, staying slightly right and following the penguin posters. Enter a door framed with penguin pictures and turn left into the Penguin Project meeting room.

This event is free, but space is limited. Repeat - you should RSVP to NSWA Vice President Sandi Doughton: sdoughton@seattletimes.com