[ENGAGE] Brian Smoliak: "The Usual Suspects: Investigating the causes of observed climate variability and change"

Start Date/Time: Wednesday, March 02, 2011, 7:00 PM
Location: JHN 075

"Faced with the spectre of a warmer world, pervasive environmental change and associated ecological stresses, global political leaders tasked scientists with the challenge of assessing the evolving state of the Earth’s climate system, projecting it into the future, and describing pathways toward adaptation to and mitigation of the impacts caused by warming. Using the timeseries of global average temperature as an indicator of climate variability and change, we’ll embark on an investigation into the causes of its bumps and wiggles, peaks and troughs, and spikes and drops. Such an endeavor estimates the relative influence of natural and human factors, from volcanoes to the buildup of greenhouse gases, as well as offers clues to inform our future expectations of climate variability and change."