"Climatic Extremes: 7 Arguments Against Global Warming", Paul Quay and Paul Johsnon

Start Date/Time: Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 12:00 PM
Location: Honors Seminar Room, MGH 211B

Honors Brown Bag Talk on Climatic Extremes Title: "Climatic Extremes: 7 Arguments Against Global Warming"
Speakers: Professors Paul Quay and Paul Johnson, both of UW Oceanography

There is a strong consensus among the global scientific community that believes anthropogenic climate change is fundamentally altering our environment, and that these negative changes will become more dramatic in the very near future. However, the general U.S. population is almost evenly divided on whether or not global warming is an important or even real phenomenon. Denial of global warming has evolved to a small number of well-defined position statements, which will be examined in this short talk, which will be followed by a question/answer session.