Burke Museum Special Event: "Dinosaurs on Ice", Dr. William Hammer

Start Date/Time: Thursday, November 12, 2009, 7:00 PM
Location: Burke Museum, UW Campus

Title:Dinosaurs on Ice: Jurassic Dinosaurs from Antarctica

Dr. William Hammer of Augustana College, Illinois, made his first trip in search of fossil vertebrates in the Central Transantarctic Mountains as a graduate student in 1977. Since then he has led six expeditions to Antarctica. In a lecture at the Burke Museum, he will discuss Jurassic dinosaurs, scavenging theropods, a new sauropodomorph, a "beaver-like" tritylodont, a pterosaur or flying reptile, as well as other Jurassic finds from his over 30 years of research into the secrets of Antarctica.

Dr. Hammer is currently a professor of geology, the director of the Fryxell Geology Museum, and director of the Center for Polar Studies at Augustana College in Illinois. He is also a research associate of the Field Museum of Natural History.

This lecture is offered in conjunction with the Burke's latest exhibit, Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journey which includes real fossils collected by Dr. Hammer alongside photographs by Joan Myers, who spent October 2002 through January 2003 in Antarctica. Wondrous Cold tells the story of human life and research on the world's most unfriendly continent.

This event is free to the public.