Start Date/Time: Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 4:00 PM
Location: OSB 425

OCN/ESS/ATMOS 586, the fall current research in climate seminar, will focus primarily on PNW climate and is joint with the weekly CIG seminar. Both are normally offered on Tuesdays, and we've chosen to offer the seminar from 4-5 on Tuesdays in OSB 425.

The current list of speakers and schedule is pasted below and will be available soon on the PCC and CIG websites. Chris Bretherton, PCC Director is the lead instructor, with coordination with CIG through Nate Mantua.

NOTE: The first meeting, on Sept. 29, is a short organizational meeting to discuss the format and a time and day to discuss papers. Please plan to attend that meeting to provide your input into scheduling.

2009 PCC/CIG seminar series (AtmS/Ocean/ESS 586)

Tuesdays 4-5pm, OSB 425

Sep 29 Short organizational meeting for grad students enrolled in this seminar.

Oct 6 Manu DiLorenzo, Georgia Tech
ENSO and the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation: an integrated view of Pacific decadal dynamics?

Oct 13 Jim Johnstone, UC Berkeley,

Oct 20 Dan Vimont, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, U. Wisconsin,

Oct 27 Linda Mearns, Senior Scientist, NCAR,

Nov 3 Jessica Halofsky, Research Ecologist, Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab

Nov 10 Mary Ruckelshaus, NOAA NWFSC
Assessing climate impacts on Pacific salmon: are there opportunities for adaptation?

Nov 17 Cliff Mass, UW Atm Sci.
Trends in Extreme Precipitation in the Pacific Northwest

Nov 24
Dec 1 Paul Henshaw:
Careers for Scientists in the Energy Industry - What’s an Oceanographer doing in an Oil Company?

Dec 8