"Arctic Adventure! Ocean Tales of Currents and Creatures": Winter Seminar Series-Woodgate

Start Date/Time: Tuesday, February 12, 2008, 7:00 PM
Location: Kane Hall, Room 210, UW Campus

College of Ocean and Fisheries Science Special Seminar Series: Arctic Adventure.

February 12
Rebecca Woodgate:"The Changing Arctic Ocean"
This summer, dramatic shrinking of the Arctic sea-ice startled the world. From sea floor to the atmosphere, come discover what we do (and don't!) know about the complex interplay of ice, ocean and air at the top of the world, and why it matters to the rest of the globe.

February 26
Kristin Laidre: "People and Whales in Greenland"
Some whales are specially adapted to live in the Arctic, and humans have been living along side them for centuries. Come experience the intersection of culture and biology by learning how people and whales alike make their lives in one of the most fascinating and extreme environments on earth, Arctic Greenland!

March 11
Jody Deming: "Some Like it Cold: Extremophiles in the Arctic"
Some forms of life forms have evolved unique strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the coldest of frozen habitats on our planet. Learn about enduring the harsh winter on-board an icebreaker to better understand microbes living in frigidly cold ice, and the implications for life elsewhere in our solar system!

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