Future of Ice Colloquium: Charles Koven

Start Date/Time: Monday, May 05, 2014, 3:30 PM
Ending Date/Time: Monday, May 05, 2014, 4:20 PM
Location: JHN 75

Speaker: Dr. Charles Koven,Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Title: Permafrost Thaw and Carbon Cycle Feedbacks to Global Warming
Abstract: Permafrost soils contain enormous amounts of organic carbon, whose stability is contingent on remaining frozen. With future warming, these soils may release carbon to the atmosphere and act as a positive feedback to climate change. Significant uncertainty remains on the dynamics of permafrost-affected ecosystems in relation to changing climate; these include the physical response of frozen soils to climate warming as well as the vegetation and soil dynamics that have led to the formation of permafrost carbon deposits and their response to past and future warming climates. I will present approaches to quantify the magnitude of the high latitude terrestrial carbon-climate feedback, using a hierarchy of approaches that ranges from soil C databases to an Earth system model that includes permafrost carbon and nitrogen processes.