[Geobiology Candidate Technical Talk] Amundson on "An emerging energy perspective of iceberg calving"

Start Date/Time: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 11:30 AM
Ending Date/Time: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 12:30 AM
Location: JHN 011

Speaker: Jason Amundson, University of Alaska Southeast
Title: An emerging energy perspective of iceberg calving
Abstract:Iceberg calving has traditionally been discussed in the glaciological literature almost exclusively from the perspective of glacier mass balance. Recently, though, seismic recordings and satellite and time-lapse imagery of calving events have brought attention to the highly energetic nature of calving events. The energy released by calving icebergs has two major implications: (1) it produces waves that can be measured remotely and used to quantify calving activity and (2) it affects the proglacial environment (e.g., by generating turbulence in fjords and/or by perturbing a layer of sea ice or ice mélange.) These implications have created a desire to understand iceberg calving from an energy perspective. Our initial studies on the energetics of iceberg calving have unequivocally demonstrated that post-fracture calving processes are strongly affected by hydrodynamic coupling. Consequently hydrodynamics likely plays an important role in the generation of glacial earthquakes, the rapid disintegration of ice shelves, and jamming of iceberg-choked fjords.