2008 PCC Summer Institute/FHL Centennial Symposium "How Does Ocean Circulation Matter for Climate Change?"

Start Date/Time: Sunday, September 14, 2008, 3:00 PM
Ending Date/Time: Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 12:05 PM
Location: Friday Harbor Laboratories, San Juan Island, WA

Organized by LuAnne Thompson, Julian Sachs and David Battisti

View the post-meeting summary by LuAnne Thompson at: http://uwpcc.washington.edu/documents/PCC/2008_summer_institute-summary_for_newsletter.pdf

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Sunday, September 14th
PCC in the coming year, Chris Bretherton (UW)
Schedule and goals of this year's Summer Institute, LuAnne Thompson (UW)
The ocean's role in climate, Dennis Hartmann (UW)

Monday, September 15
The Coolest Part of the Ocean, Cecilia Bitz (UW)

Wednesday, September 17th
Summary Presentation of 2008 Summer Institute, Julian Sachs (UW) and David Battisti (UW)


Internationally-renowned scientists join distinguished faculty and students from the UW Program on Climate Change to discuss how ocean circulation changes feed back on past and future climate changes. Four half-day talk/discussion sessions and a poster session will address the following issues:

Is heat transport by the MOC crucial for variability of glacial climate and sea-ice extent?

Can we confidently model how ocean circulation changes affect global CO2 uptake and storage through physical and biological mechanisms?

Will Europe care about 21st century changes in Atlantic overturning?

Are tropical ocean circulation changes a primary feedback on past and future climate changes? Are these predictable with current earth system models?

Invited Speakers:

John Marshall (MIT)
Wilco Hazeleger (KNMI)
Jean Lynch-Stieglitz (Georgia Tech)
Jerry McManus (WHOI)
Martin Visbeck (IFM-GEOMAR)
Joellen Russell (University of Arizona)

Internal Speakers &/or Moderators:

Mike Wallace (UW-ATMOS)
Dennis Hartmann (UW-ATMOS)
Cecilia Bitz (UW-ATMOS)
Kathie Kelly (UW-APL)
Gerard Roe (UW-ESS)
David Battisti (UW-ATMOS)
LuAnne Thompson (UW-OCEAN)
Julian Sachs (UW-OCEAN)
Chris Bretherton (UW-ATMOS)

1. Reading Discussed on July 23:
The Past and Future Ocean Circulation From A Contemporary Perspective by Carl Wunsch (2007).
Discussion Leader: Alison Rogers.

2. Readings Discussed on August 6:
Collapse and rapid resumption of Atlantic meridional circulation linked to deglacial climate changes. by McManus et al. (2004)
Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation During the Last Glacial Maximum by Lynch-Stieglitz et al. (2007).
Discussion Leader: Daniel Nelson.

3. Readings Discussed on August 13:
Interactions between Global SST Anomalies and the Midlatitude Atmospheric Circulation by Ngar-Cheung Lau, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, NOAA, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.
Discussion Leaders: Brian Smoliak, Jimmy Booth and Aaron Donohoe.

Please contact the PCC office (uwpcc@u.washington.edu or 206-543-6521) or one of the organizers if you have questions. Information will be updated to this site as it becomes available.