2013 PCC Summer Institute "Climate Forcing of Marine Ecosystems: Causes and Consequences"

Start Date/Time: Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 3:00 PM
Ending Date/Time: Friday, September 13, 2013, 1:00 PM
Location: Friday Harbor Labs, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

The PCC held its 12th annual Summer Institute at Friday Harbor Labs from September 11-13 on the topic of Climate Forcing of Marine Ecosystems. Some main points included the effects of climate change on fisheries, detecting changes in primary production indicative of climate change, and using models to predict future climate conditions.

Organized by Julie Keister, UW Oceanography

Description At this years' summer institute topics discussed include the drivers of change in marine ecosystem and the consequences of those changes to social and economic systems. The workshop promoted interaction between diverse physical, chemical, biological oceanographers, atmospheric scientists, fishery scientists, and social scientists, including modelers and both field and laboratory scientists. Important topics discussed included:

  • What are the physical/chemical changes in the ocean that have been observed owing to natural and anthropogenic climate change and what causes these changes?
  • What ecological responses to these physical/chemical changes have been observed?
  • What predictive power do we have for the state of marine ecosystems in the future?
  • What are the social and economic drivers and consequences of ecosystem change?
  • What are the key stressors to ecological systems and when is it important to include evaluation of multiple stressors?

  • Agenda (last update Sept. 18, 2013)
    Participant list (last update Sept. 18, 2013)
    Speed Talks and Poster Abstracts (Sept. 9 2013)

    Graduate Student Discussion Sessions

    Thursday, August 22, 3-4:30 pm in OSB 425
    Cooley, S. R. "How human communities could ‘feel’ changing ocean" Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2012, 4:258-263.

    Ruckelshaus et al. "Securing ocean benefits for society in the face of climate change" Marine Policy 40(2013)154-159.

    Thursday, August 29, 3-4:30 pm in OSB 425
    Barth et al. "Delayed upwelling alters nearshore coastal ocean ecosystems in the northern California current" www.pnas.orgcgidoi10.1073pnas.0700462104

    DiLorenzo, E. and Ohman, M. "A double-integration hypothesis to explain ocean ecosystem response to climate forcing" PNAS, February 12, 2013, vol. 110,no. 7, 2499.

    Thursday, Sept. 5, 3-4:30 pm in OSB 425

    Ottersen et al. "Major pathways by which climate may force marine fish populations" Journal of Marine Systems 79 (2010) 343-360.