Start Date/Time: Tuesday, May 05, 2009, 4:30 PM
Location: OSB 425

Ever wonder how the University of Washington became a leader in climate research? Join a panel of UW scientists for a moderated discussion that will become part of the written and digital history of the UW.

Moderated by Roel Hammerschlag (former PCC fellow, current Senior Scientist with the U.S. office of the Stockholm Environment Institute);
Introductions by Chris Bretherton (PCC Director, Professor in Atmospheric Sciences and Applied Math)
Knut Aagaard (Senior Scientist with the Applied Physics Lab and Professor in Oceanography),
Ed Miles (Professor in Marine & Public Affairs, Co-Director, Center for Science in The Earth System, JISAO)
Conway Leovy (Professor in Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics), Dennis Hartmann (Professor in Atmospheric Sciences, Interim Director College of the Environment)
Peter Rhines (Professor in Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences)
Mike Wallace (Professor in Atmospheric Sciences).

This event will be videotaped and transcribed, the transcript will become a document held in the UW Libraries' Special Collections, and a brief summary will be included in the UW's currently evolving Climate Action Plan

Questions? Call or e-mail the PCC office.