Climate Modeling (ATM S/ESS 559 and OCN 558)

ATM S/ESS 559 and OCN 558

3 credits


Location: OCN 425

Schedule: TTh 10:30-11:50

Department: Program on Climate Change

Quarter: Spring

The objective for this course it to teach the principles of climate and Earth system modeling to graduate students in the Earth sciences. Specific topics, listed in the draft schedule below, will be covered each week with a continuing emphasis on modeling issues and the appropriate use of models for problem solving. The instruction time will be split between traditional lecturing, reviewing journal articles, and lecturing on practical use of computing. The course work will include approximately bi-weekly exercises, weekly reading, class discussions, and a course project with final presentation. No exams will be given.

Our website from the last time we taught is available at Check here for 2012 updates in the weeks to come.