Climate and Health Journal Club (ENV H 592)

ENV H 592

1 credits


Location: South Campus Center 309

Schedule: TH 1:30-2:20

Department: School of Public Health

Quarter: Winter

Current topics on the public health mpacts of climate change, with a focus on how these risks will affect the Pacific Northwest within our water, health, and coastal zones.

Course Description:One of our greatest challenges in the coming decades will be to protect population health in the face of climate change and related emerging risks. This course will offer participants an overview of issues related to climate change and health, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. It aims to expose students to the newest and most exciting research which will revolve around several thematic topics, including extreme weather events, persistent organic pollutants and pesticides, and health implications of projected climate change. The course is designed to be a weekly discussion of current research on climate and health; presentation and discussion sessions are designed to expose students to climate science and how it relates to health, and to help students organize and prepare a critical analysis of research findings that can be applied regionally or globally.

Professor: Richard Fenske, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
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