Current Research in Climate Change: Marine Ecosystem Responses to Climate (PCC 586)


2 credits


Location: OCN 425

Schedule: T 3:30-5:00

Department: Program on Climate Change

Quarter: Fall

Speakers and Titles

Oct 1 Discussion of newly released IPCC Summary for Policy Makers. Greg Johnson (NOAA/PMEL), Chris Bretherton (UW ATMOS) and Chris Sabine (Director, NOAA/PMEL) will join LuAnne Thompson (Director, UW Program on Climate Change) for an informal discussion of the results of the “IPCC Climate Change 2013: The Physical Basis” and the IPCC process in general.

Download and read the Summary for Policy Makers (AR5), available on Sept. 27, (

Oct 8 Jerry Miller (Science for Decisions) “The U.S. National Ocean Policy: History and Recent Developments.”

Oct 15 Debra Iglesias-Rodriguez (UCSB) “Effects of climate change on phytoplankton physiology: clues to project their fate under future scenarios”

Oct 22 Malcolm Hughes (Arizona) “Life at the Limit - high elevation tree-ring growth and climate in the Great Basin, USA”

Oct 29 Alex Gagnon (UW - Ocean) “Biomineralization in a Changing Ocean”

Nov 5 Curtis Deutsch (UW - Ocean) “A metabolic constraint on marine habitat, and it's climatic changes”

Nov 12 Chris Anderson (UW - SAFS) “Economic Dimensions of Climate and Ocean Change”

Nov 19 Ryan Kelly (UW - SMEA) “Ocean Acidification as an Interaction of Science, Law and Policy”

Nov 26 Samantha Siedlecki (UW - JISAO) “Seasonal Forecasting of Hypoxia and Ocean Acidification on the Washington Shelf”