Undergraduate Current Research in Climate Science Seminar (PCC 475)


3 credits


Location: OCN 425

Schedule: T 3:30-5:00

Department: Program on Climate Change

Quarter: Fall

Integrative Capstone Experience, requirement for the Climate Minor.

Prerequisites The climate change senior seminar is designed to integrate the different courses that are part of the climate science minor. Therefore it is expected you will have completed one of the three core climate science minor courses (ESS 201, ATMS 211 or ATMS 321) as well as one elective in each of the focus areas (Past Climate, Physical Climate, and Chemistry & Biology).

This course is offered in conjunction with the OCEAN/ATM S/ESS 586 graduate seminar and this year the focus of the seminar is climate vulnerability and adaptation. The Tuesday class meeting will be talks from experts in their fields, including public health, the impact of food on climate change and sea level rise. We will also have a representative from the Indonesian Government speak about their plans for dealing with the impacts of climate change. Both undergraduate and graduate students will attend presentations by UW and non-UW climate scientists in this co-listed course.