PCC 586 B: Climate Seminar "Everything you always wanted to know about climate.."


2 credits


Location: First Meeting JHN 377

Schedule: First Meeting Wed., Sept 26 2:30-4:00

Department: PCC

Quarter: Fall

Everything you always wanted to know about climate*

*But were afraid to ask

Skipped a class or two? Befuddled by an incomprehensible lecture (or three)? Secretly wish you’d paid more attention when someone clever was explaining something? Coriolis-come-again? Aerosol-a-what-now? Who is cycling carbon, and what’s wrong with a bike? Why can’t we domesticate the Ferrel cell?

We’ll draw up a list of all the things we really wished we knew about, and week-by-week task some poor sap with the job of explaining one of them. Highly interactive. Bring your darkest fears, deepest ignorance, and most embarrassing insecurities. Hopefully someone can help. Tailored towards advanced graduate students across the broad spectrum of climate sciences who should know better, but don’t. Course Flyer.