Current Research in Climate Science Seminar: Ice/ Ocean Interactions (PCC 586)


2 credits


Location: OCN 425

Schedule: T 3:00-4:50pm

Department: Cross-listed

Quarter: Winter

Current Research in Climate Science Seminar

Faculty Leads: Mark Warner, LuAnne Thompson
Graduate Student Leads: Emily Newsom and Adam Campbell

Credit/No credit

The interactions between the ocean and ice sheets remain poorly understood and are only now starting to be included in earth system models. This limits our ability to predict the response of the polar oceans and ice sheets to a changing climate and precludes accurate forecasts of sea level rise. We seek to engage students from a variety of disciplines to explore the broad topic of ice-sheet and ice-shelf interactions with the atmosphere and the ocean, including Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. Graduate students from Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography, and ESS as well as other disciplines are all encouraged to participate. Students will lead discussions of recent scientific papers on the following topics:

-Oceanography of the Southern Ocean
-Glaciology of ice-sheets and ice-shelves
-Interactions between the oceans and ice-shelves
-The role of the Atmosphere
-Ice-sheet ocean interactions in Greenland