Current Research in Climate Change: Water & Climate (Ocean/ATM S/ESS 586)


2 credits



Location: PAA A102

Schedule: T 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Department: Cross-listed

Quarter: Fall

Please join us for the fall Program on Climate Change Seminar. The seminar continues with the PCC annual theme of Water and Climate, and we will have speakers both from the climate science community as well as those working on linkages between water and health. Outside speakers will include Richard Seager (Columbia/Lamont IRI) and Rong Fu (University of Texas, Austin). Check back for the most updated list of speakers.

Open to all.

October 4
Mike Wallace (UW ATMOS): On the Framing of Global Environmental Issues

October 11
Rebecca Neumann (UW Civil and Environmental Engineering): The Hydrogeochemistry of Pond and Rice Field Recharge: Implications for the Arsenic Contaminated Aquifers in Bangladesh

October 18
Joe Cook (UW Evans School): Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries

October 25
Rong Fu (University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences): Influence of terrestrial ecosystem and water cycle in a changing climate

November 1
Alan Hamlet (UW Civil and Environmental Engineeering): Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrology and Water Resources of the Pacific Northwest

November 8
Vamil Mishra (Civil and Environmental Engineering) Climatic trends in major US urban areas: implications on energy and stormwater infrastructure demands

November 15
Richard Seager (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University)
Slides:North American drought from the Medieval period to the near-term future
Additional slides from a separate atmospheric sciences seminar: Is anthropogenic subtropical drying and expansion already occurring?

November 22
Judd Walson (Global Health, Medicine, and Pediatrics) Health connections to climate change: case studies in HIV, TB and Malaria

November 29

December 6
Tom Hinkley (UW School of Forest Resources): Water and climate from the perspective of a forest ecologist's trek in Nepal