Modeling Water Isotopes (ESS 590B)

ESS 590B SLN 20716

2 credits


Schedule: TBD

Department: Earth and Space Sciences

Quarter: Fall

This 2 credit reading seminar will explore modeling water isotopes in the atmosphere. We will focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of the way that water isotopes are treated in general circulation models, starting with the classic literature and moving up through reading the code in current models, and running some experiments. Whether you are interested in paleoclimate applications or in the rapidly emerging field of using water isotopes to explore climate dynamics, this should be a useful class. Prof. Eric Steig and postdoc Qinghua Ding will lead the seminar. We will work as a group on learning and problem solving, rather than having assigned problem sets.

Let Eric Steig ( known if you're interested and sign up for ESS 590B (SLN 20716): =20716

Class will meet 1/week for two hours. First class meeting will be at 3:30 - 4:20 on Tuesday, October 4th, in QRC Seminar Room (Johnson Hall 377). The class will normally meet at Tuesday at 2:30 - 4:30 or at another mutually workable time.