Communicating Ocean Sciences (OCEAN 592)


4 credits


Location: OTB 205

Schedule: M 2:00-4:20

Department: Oceanography

Quarter: Spring

Science graduate students and undergraduate seniors:

Are you interested in improving your ability to communicate science effectively? If so, this is the class for you! The Communicating Ocean Sciences course is designed to give you background in current research in effective science communication and learning, and provide you with the opportunity to apply what you are learning by teaching ocean sciences in local elementary schools or at the Seattle Aquarium. The course was developed at UC Berkeley by COSEE CA and has been adapted and taught at WHOI, UCSB, Stanford, and other institutions.

NOTE: This course is not limited to Ocean Science students. Course content is relevant to all science disciplines.

Previous students have found the skills acquired in this course to be directly transferable to K-12, Community College and University settings.

The Communicating Ocean Sciences course combines:

  • 10 weeks of instruction in inquiry-based teaching methods
  • 6 weeks of teaching ocean science lessons in a local elementary school or at the Seattle Aquarium
  • Practice communicating ocean sciences
  • Mentoring on how to improve teaching approaches and presentation skills

Student responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly course sessions (2 hr 20 min/week)
  • Observe in elementary classroom or at Seattle Aquarium for 2 weeks (1 hr/week + travel)
  • Teach (with a partner) in elementary classroom or at Seattle Aquarium for 6 weeks (1 hr/week + travel)
  • Additional student responsibilities include weekly readings and the development of a new lesson or activity with a partner