Keeping Up with Glaciers: The Mainstream Scientific Press on the Cryosphere (ESS 595)

ESS 595

2 credits



Location: QRC Library, JHN 377

Schedule: First Meeting Wed. April 1st, 11:30-1:00

Alternative Schedule: Future Meeting Times TBA (check course website)

Department: Earth and Space Sciences

Quarter: Spring

Both scientists and the public are paying increasing attention to how glaciers and other forms of ice are changing. This seminar will focus on keeping current with the major issues in the cryosphere by reading and discussing articles in "Science" and "Nature" from the past year.

We will meet once each week for about 1.5 hours. Each week, participants will read 1 or 2 selected articles, and two participants will be responsible for leading discussion of the chosen materials.

First Meeting: Wednesday 11:30-1:00, QRC Library, JHN 377 We will schedule future meeting times during this first period.

Course Website: