Note to Graduate Students

Climate change is a defining environmental issue for the 21st century. The science of climate and climate change is fascinating because the earth system is richly multifaceted, and because humanity is profoundly affecting and is affected by it. The PCC is the place to be for cutting-edge interdisciplinary graduate studies and research in climate science. It brings together UW's world-renowned departments and institutes in all the geophysical and natural resource sciences for a truly interdisciplinary immersion in the latest ideas concerning topics such as the interpretation of proxies of paleoclimate, the evolution of sea-ice under climate change, the role of clouds in climate, and how climate change will impact ecosystems and human society.

Our program reaches graduate students who are linked in our team-taught core courses, and in interdisciplinary seminars that focus on topics such as ocean-ice shelf interactions, and the impacts of the changing water cycle. The graduate students often take a lead in these seminars, organize their own conferences and are involved in outreach. While doing cutting edge research, graduate students are given a perspective on its ramifications through interactions with students and faculty across the university. All graduate students are invited to participate in any or all of the PCC activities.

Undergraduates can become involved by enrolling in our newly approved minor in climate science. As with the graduate students, interdisciplinary seminars and courses across the university serve to educate undergraduates in interdisciplinary climate science to prepare them for future study.

The PCC will serve to enhance your educational experience at UW in many ways. Explore our web site, come to a seminar, or contact PCC staff to find out more.

LuAnne Thompson

PCC Director 2011-present

Page Updated: January 2012


  • LuAnne Thompson