Graduate Student Seminar

Bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 5 pm
ATG 610

Spring 2016 Schedule

  • April 12th Brad Markle (ESS)
  • April 26th Emma Kahle (ESS)
  • May 10th
  • May 31st
  • The Chairs of the GSS answer questions you might not know you had:

    What is the GSS?
    The PCC Graduate Student Seminar (GSS) is organized by graduate students for graduate students. No faculty allowed! The GSS provides an extremely laid back environment where grad students give 25-35 min presentations on their research or some broader issue in their research area followed by (or often interspersed with) 20 minutes of lively questions/discussion on the topic. There are always beverages provided for a minimal donation.

    Why should I present at the GSS?
    This is a great forum to test out ideas and explanations and get honest, kind feedback from your fellow graduate students. You can present on your own research (at any stage), or on any broader topic from your field that you think would be of interest. This is a great opportunity to: 1) discuss ideas you're still working on in an ongoing project, 2) practice a talk that you will give for a more formal seminar, defense or committee meeting, 3) practice presenting your work to a general scientific audience including those outside your own discipline, 4) get other graduate students excited about a topic near and dear to your heart that they may not be familiar with.

    If you have not attended the GSS before, we encourage you to attend. It is a great way to meet other students and get involved in the PCC.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email one of us!

    GSS Chairs 2015/2016:

    Hilary Palevsky (
    Gregory Quetin (
    Bradley Markle (