The University of Washington has numerous non-degree granting programs and research groups. The UW Program on Climate Change is one such group. We seek to ensure that a student have an interdisciplinary education, while still obtaining rigorous training in a more traditional discipline. Participation in the PCC requires that a student be admitted to the University of Washington, to a degree granting program.

The University of Washington offers a great variety of degree programs related to Climate Change through departments and programs at the University. Programs in Atmospheric Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, and Oceanography focus on the physical processes related to climate change. If you are interested in effects on ecosystems and/or human societies, you may want to consider studies in Biology, Forest Resources, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, or Anthropology. The Evans School of Public Affairs and the School of Marine Affairs offer programs specifically addressing environmental policy issues, including climate change, while if you are looking for studies on adapting to climate change you may want to consider programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering, or a program in Architecture and Urban Planning.

The research of individuals from many of these departments and programs come together in the PCC, as seen in our description of climate research at the UW.

If you are an undergraduate with interest in environmental programs, the Program on the Environment (PoE) may be of interest. PoE also administers two graduate certificates.

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